Great Bales of Fire

January 2nd, 2011

Another great month – I’m nominating Harry for Manager of the Month and 2010.

We’ve had a good run and even finished off with a couple of clean sheets – whatever next?

We topped the Champions League group and have a tough fixture in Milan, but we’ll see.

The Premier league position is better and we’ve again won half our matches. It may be obvious, but we’ve got to have a better second half of the season just to get a Champions League spot. This of course assumes that we don’t win the Champions League this year or the Premiership or even a treble with the FA Cup as well. Can our strikers please score a few more league goals?

Anything’s possible. If we reach those dizzy heights I just hope that won’t be it for another fifty years again!

Off the pitch, it would be nice to see some solid progress with new ground development which still seems to have some snags.

A happy and successful New Year to all and especially Spurs, Harry, Kevin, Joe and the team.


The Platzel (not forgetting the Bagel).

All Guns Blazing

November 30th, 2010

A great month – I’m nominating Harry for Manager of the Month again!

We did come back to earth with a bang at Bolton but then picked it up again. Of course you all enjoyed gunning down the Gunners best – we all did, but Wenger was right we were lucky as well.

Then we finished off Werder Bremen and kept a clean sheet – whatever that means? Oh, that’s when the opposition don’t score against you – does that ever happen in league matches?

Next, we turned it round against Liverpool again, but riding our luck. We still have to defend better and we’ve got to solve the penalty problem. You can’t win cups without winning shoot-outs and that means being able to score from most penalties! I’m going to ask Harry or Joe to take them, unless you really want my Mum to take them?

Funny I said last time that facing Benitez is not the same as facing Mourinho, but I’m not sure we can put 5 past Real Madrid. Can we close out Barcelona?

What’s up with the Bagel – he sent LB to the Liverpool match? We don’t mind, but she’ll have to watch her language!


The Platzel.

The Good Old Days

November 3rd, 2010

What can I say? Maybe I don’t have to say anything because I’m not sure anybody’s reading anything here now.

No complaints from me – I’d just like to see some more performances like last night in the league as well. We certainly don’t seem to score freely there as we do in Europe? Of course, it helps if Clottonberg isn’t reffing us also!

Even if we don’t perform brilliantly in the league, we must be able to qualify at least for Europe again next year.

It would seem daft, but if Liverpool can win the Champions League from 4th place, maybe we can. However, facing Benitez is not the same as facing Mourinho, whatever anyone says, and I still think the (other) English and Spanish teams present very big obstacles.

We won’t get carried away since we still need to be stronger in some positions and it would still be easier if we could keep a clean sheet.

We’ll have to come back down to earth, but let’s enjoy it and keep it going. I want a win at Bolton!


The Platzel.

Where’s the Bagel?

September 18th, 2010

I haven’t posted anything here since May – sorry! The last game of the season left me like a flatbread. Also since I posted that blog in May, one of our strikers had not scored a league goal until Pav today – thanks Pav.

So we went into qualification for the Champions League and made it but not without a few scares.

Then off to Bremen with a slightly stronger squad than last year but modest spending in the summer and injuries not helping at both ends. A dream start and then a bit sloppy. If we can keep it tighter and concentrate we can still do better and I’m looking at the goalies and centre backs! Yes, the Bagel was there, nearly bringing back the pretzels.

Looking shaky again today – we’ve got to become more free scoring and still keep clean sheets, but would you believe it a second win and up to fourth.

Who’d have believed that at the moment Crouchie would be better than Torres – only Harry.


The Platzel

Wow – Great Bagels of Fire

May 6th, 2010

Even better – at least fourth and into qualification for the Champions League! Fantastic.

All the history’s been coming out today and I heard Cliff Jones on Radio 5 – pictures in the papers and memories of the Benfica tie.

One match to go – do you know when was the last time we won 21 league games in a season? I thought it was further back, but it looks like it was 1987 – the ‘Clive Allen’ season.

It would still be a dream that it can get still better this season – I still would have liked an FA Cup as well for the record books.

By the way, it was the Pitta Bread who was at the Chelsea match. I know you all pine for the Bagel to come back, but you have to admit it, I deliver you even better results!

We won’t get carried away but we can enjoy another small achievement and in some ways the biggest game we’ve played in years. There are a lot of credits to go round – starting with Harry, Joe and the teams off and on the pitch but Gomes is probably the player of the season – some of those saves last night were special and he’s really telling the defence they should be doing more.

Winning the Champions League is a stretch, and it may be harsh, but if Liverpool will have Crouchie back and we can land Torres, then who knows? Dreamland, maybe?


The Platzel

No Jam on the Bagel

April 25th, 2010

I think a win yesterday really would have been jam on the bagel after the previous two wins against Arsenal and Chelsea. If we’d been offered 6 points from the 3 games before we had played them I think we’d have taken them – I reckoned on about 4.

It has been a rollercoaster season. Some real highs and some stupid lows – some games against strugglers and defeats in the Carling Cup and FA Cup semi-final that needn’t have happened. We’re still 4th with 3 games to go which is not what we had expected at the start, but a Carling Cup or FA Cup would have been nice.

What depresses me is that after a few good performances there’s talk of stalkers for good players but we have to break out of that cycle.

Where have we been – we’ve been around. The Bagel moved into new premises early in the year, nearer the ground, but managed to miss the Chelsea game? I was at the Portsmouth home game – good for 15 minutes – the first time at WHL in a long time. I tried to wave to the Bagel. Have I gone deaf or don’t they play McNamara’s Band when the team runs out these days – that might help bring back the glory days? No peanuts anymore?

Now our expectations are raised – can we finish in the top 4, although winning the Champions League might be a bit of a stretch? Can Harry take us on from here and strengthen the squad even more?

Yes, it’s been a good season, but at the moment I think only the Europa Cup is guaranteed.


The Platzel

End of Year Report

January 4th, 2010

The Bagel was at the West Ham game but didn’t take Mini Bagel with him. I don’t think his head’s right at the moment? He missed the Wigan game and then Mini Bagel’s first game could have been the Hammers bubbles being burst – come on Bagel, sort it!

11 wins before the end of the year. Now we hear the lads have been out partying again. I don’t care if they stick to soft drinks, but do they? I think you’re going to have to lay the law down, Harry. I don’t think it could happen in Italy.

Over the first hurdle in the Cup and already one of the very big names has fallen. So far, so good. By the way, we’re not going anywhere but we’re not sure how many people are left reading this?

Maybe we only get blogging and ranting when things aren’t going well but that doesn’t make me happy. I’m still looking for something that’s not going to come easily, but I don’t see why the serious football business is beyond us? We were there for a short time in my lifetime!

In short, for the end of year report, a much better term and this year we seem to be interested in school. We don’t want to mention last year. There is a tendency to lose concentration at times and if really good grades are to be achieved this has to be eliminated.

I think behaviour must also improve – no more partying, certainly not without a reason for it, and even then it has to be sensible.

How much do you really want it, boys? I do, so show me you do!


The Platzel


December 20th, 2009

At last, after over 9 months of waiting we can announce the arrival of Mini Bagel – not burnt, but baked to perfection! Congratulations Bagel and LB!

Also, we can congratulate Spurs after a great week. Of course I was not happy again after the Wolves match – not good enough. The last two matches have almost made up for it.

A great win against Citeh on Wednesday and the icing on the cake today with another clean sheet at Blackburn. Crouchie, sometimes even you’re world-class! On a video of yesterday’s match you look better than Torres!

So, 10 wins before Christmas – I can’t remember that happening for a long time and it could even have been more. We’ll see about the end of year report shortly.

It’s looking good at the moment, but as we all know it’s always a roller-coaster with Spurs.

I don’t know where you’ve all gone? The bakery is still open all hours, but if we don’t get more customers we may have to review the situation in the New Year. Maybe you don’t like what’s on offer and if you don’t then I’m not going to keep talking to myself, even if you think I’ve been doing it for years and will have to continue to.

To all our customers, a Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!


The Platzel


December 8th, 2009

Oh, yes I am still here alright! I didn’t feel like blogging after Sunday – I get too upset.

Just back to Villa for a moment. ‘There’s only one team likely to win it in the second half’…etc, but we didn’t!

Then we’re like wet handkerchiefs at Old Trafford – why? You tell me?

At Everton, it’s all going great. 2-0 up, fifteen minutes to go, then… Not only do we snatch a draw from the jaws of victory once, we do it twice! Come on, we can do better with penalties, can’t we? By the way, what are we doing with Keane and Pav on the bench for the whole game while our two (?) world cup strikers are punishing anyone who comes in their way – with all due respect, Harry? I’ve also had enough of Bale and Bentley!

That’s 4 more points have just gone begging. Not happy.

Mini-Bagel’s late and will be burnt soon – even the Bagel can’t produce?

Let’s hope for a good finish to the year.


The Platzel


November 29th, 2009

I had another dream. We’d beaten Wigan 9-1! I was there the last time we scored 9 with Colin Lee making his debut and scoring four against Bristol Rovers. It was second division, but they all count.

No, this time Defoe scored five, but I also dreamt that we had sold him less than a couple of years ago and he could hardly get on the pitch as substitute? I also dreamt that we had sold Keano and Berbatov – was this a nightmare? No, just ordinary goings on at another not brilliantly joined-up-managed football club.

Anyway, here we are and I’m awake again. Great fun last week, but would you Adam and Eve it, the Bagel wasn’t there! It was LB’s birthday and of course he’s been cursing ever since – not LB, just that he wasn’t there. Mini-Bagel is also nearly with us and will be coming out of the oven very shortly.

We were on our way to Villa yesterday until on trying to rebook tickets there they told me I have an order history and wouldn’t sell to me! When I saw we were 0-1 down and with it being pretty wet and miserable I was glad we didn’t get there, but a nice finish and we could have sneaked it.

As we go into December, things are looking good. Let’s hope we can continue the progress. Things can change very quickly, but if you look at Harry’s CV, it reads pretty well and let’s hope he can stay around for a good spell and we can become contenders again.


The Platzel